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I love working with people. People who have the same intention of serving their people the way I live to serve mine.

The kind of people who appreciate a no BS conversation and have the awareness of knowing what they do best and allow me to do what I do best.

That is exactly what I love about Ronda and her team. Ronda's story is incredible and I want you to read it for yourself. Then I want you to invite her for coffee or better yet, into your business to talk to you about why she does what she does for business owners like you. She's genuine, has a servant's heart and might be the most meticulous person I know when it comes to taking care of her clients and her team. When you have a leader like Ronda in a business, it’s natural for her team to be in alignment with the same goals and values, and that is exactly what you get with the Jones & Associates team.

Ronda, it was an honor to help build a personal brand that represents what you stand for and THE WHY behind what you do everyday. It was equally a good time to strategically place happy hour during our review meetings in order to be the most efficient. You're an incredible leader, a wonderful friend and a client I want to work with

Cheers to progress and partnership!


Logo + Brand Design

Insurance Agency Branding

Obstacle: From a solo sales agent, Ronda has earned the title of District Sales Coordinator and has grown her team exponentially to serve clients in the Texas and Oklahoma panhandle as well as Eastern New Mexico.

After much discussion, back and forth and corporate check-ins, we came to the conclusion that Ronda’s need for a personal and approachable brand outside of the oh-so recognizable Aflac duck felt more in alignment with how she had already established her success. Her business has grown out of personal connection and relationships, and often felt that the corporate branding of Aflac could act as a barrier to even speaking with people she knew would benefit from the services. We discovered that even though the duck is easily recognizable, it’s often misunderstood and comes with preconceived opinions on whether someone is interested in hearing about it. We quickly decided on Jones & Associates name for her team and begin the design of her logo and the development of her brand.

Branding Suite: Logo, business cards, stationery, letterhead, ad layout templates, social media styling and of course, web design.



RondaJones Aflac Amarillo, Texas

Goals: To create a consistent place for potential leads, to learn more about the Jones & Associate relationship based approach, to attract and actively recruit new agents, and to support the on boarding and training of new team members.

Rather than Ronda’s team connecting with potential clients and leading them to the corporate site, where they were often left overwhelmed and disconnected from the personable approach Ronda had initially had with them, we began building a website that would become the best experience, eliminate confusion and drive leads directly back in contact with the team.

Our second goal was to position the website as a recruiting tool for new Jones & Associates team members that aligned in values and wanted to explore the benefits of creating a flexible career under Ronda’s strong leadership.

Aflac agent Amarillo, Texas

The third goal, (and arguably equal in value) is the Team Portal. When I initially asked Ronda and her exec. assistant, Tara, how they imagined the website supporting them internally, we began talking through the time it takes to conduct initial on-boarding and training of new team members. Any business owner understands the struggles of this task and I believe whole heartedly, if your website is not providing value in ANY other form, minimally it should be supporting internal processes that can be automated. The password protected Team Portal was customized to support the on-boarding of new team members and to support them in initial training but on going, it empowers them to be self reliant for resources, FAQ, quick links to frequently accessed documents/links, and simple HR documents. Because the entire site was built for an optimal mobile experience, agents working outside of the office can use this as a resource directly from their phones/tablets. We agreed to launch the Team Portal with those listed resources, but I encouraged Ronda and Tara to consistently evaluate the needs of their growing team so we can expand the support the portal provides.


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