The perfect solution for highly ambitious businesses who are ready to boldly share their gifts with the world. You’re confident in how you show up to serve your clients and are committed to partnering with an expert who has the experience and resources to elevate your brand.

Luxury Brand

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Sound familiar? The Luxury Brand Experience eliminates ALL of these pain points, along with the roller coaster of emotions that comes when you can’t find the right person who does it all.

Say goodbye to the frustrating cycle of the project being so close but never “fully your vision” or never “completely done”. 

·  Being left on your own to figure out how to navigate your branding. You’ve got your logo and website, now what?! How do you leverage that investment?!

·  Not being able to see growth and return, or receive all the pieces for your branding essentials from one company, despite making an investment. A graphic designer can provide logos and designs, (ie. website, social media, logos, business cards) but lacks the strategy you need to succeed. 

·  Countless meetings and back-and-forth emails with agencies who claim they understand your brand vision, but you feel like they don’t. 

·  Having a vision in your head of what you want your brand to look like, but facing the obstacle of not having the time or know-how to make it happen. In the past, you may have hired an “order taker” graphic designer as opposed to a brand strategist, who can intently listen and read between the lines to deliver exactly what you need for industry success. 

·  Your website and social media platforms not truly reflecting your brand. You may have a gorgeous storefront or office space, but your website is not so appealing and does not align with the level of expertise and services you provide…

tired of...

if youre

It’s everything we know you need, and everything you’ll love- delivered in a velvety box. This component is far from cookie-cutter and tailored exactly to your needs. No matter the industry, we set you up for success and consistency so you can share your brand with confidence. 

360 brand essentials

Think of your website as your 24/7 storefront and the first impression potential customers have of your business- it needs to stand out and reflect the standard of excellence delivered! By setting the tone and telling potential clients what they can expect, you’ll develop a level of trust with clients that turns into confidence- they’ll know you’re legit!

You wouldn’t hesitate to invest in a beautiful store or office space, right? Investing in top-level branding is equally, if not more important and is how your business presents itself to the world. How do you want to be seen? Working with Walcot Studio will leave you confident (a feeling that is priceless) and ready to navigate your industry head-on. Your investment can be paid over several months, with the opportunity for that investment to be recouped easily from just a few clients.

An Investment with Return

Good things take time, and great things take focus. Call it 6 weeks or 42 days… either way, it’s a process so efficient you’ll think it’s magic. We are so fully immersed in creating your brand that we only focus on one strategic brand at a time, therefore all our attention is on you (and spots are limited!). 


An expedited experience that produces results and eliminates unproductive emails in your inbox. From start to finish we get the job done- no more jumping from freelancer to freelancer, we take care of every stage backed by our team of experienced designers, copywriters, video/photographers, and web designers that are hyper-focused on crafting your comprehensive brand. By carefully listening to your vision and taking the steps to embody it, we’ll create something fabulous. –more intentional, authentic and built for purpose.


Imagine a day that is completely dedicated to seeing your vision brought to life. Join us at the Walcot Studio to celebrate embodying everything about your brand, with nothing holding you back. You’ll walk out fully immersed in your branding and ready to attract next-level clients as a leader within your industry. 


the reveal day

Ensuring that your brand shines on social media
- Clear content pillars
- Emphasising the brand voice
- Consistent designs
- Defined content map for guidance

social media CONTENT and design

A website is the face of your brand, and we’ll make it stunning. We’re all about aesthetics.
- Mastering your message
- Strategizing the workflow
- Design that reflects your brand
- Optimized content for organic rank


Incorporating all the elements for a captivating brand
- Discovering your vision
- Utilizing research + strategy
- Finding inspiration
- Designing beautiful visuals


We outline all the points of interaction that lead up to creating a brand that thrives. From discovery to conversion-driving loyalty, and brand equity- we have you covered. 




“Without Walcot, my life is complicated. Deidre really helped me to own it. I can see not only where it’s brought me, but where it will take me. It causes me also to walk with my chest out a little bit and my head a little higher.”

Speaker, Leadership Coach, and Philanthropist 

Ryan Ray

Promo launch video and photo gallery

Hands-on tech training and a video library

VIP Brand Box

- Promo launch video and photo gallery to showcase what we have created
- VIP Brand box full of your physical brand assets. 
- Hands-on tech training and a video library so you’re equipped to navigate your brand, no surprises here!

So nothing is holding you back. 

that are Never Considered Extra

plus all that extras...

I’m ready to go all in and commit the time and energy to a brand that reflects my business.

I’m willing to collaborate with an investment that starts at 10K+

I allow a timeline of 8-10 weeks to bring my vision to life.

If this sounds like you, let’s get started


make sure you say yes to these:

Are you the perfect fit for the Luxury Brand Experience?

I’m ready to elevate my business and wow the world.

"When we actually sat down and talk through, this is what I want to do. I felt like even before we did that, there was an understanding of that vision and then we ironed out those details in a way that wowed me. To take it to that next step really made all the difference in the world.” 

Boutique Real Estate Brokerage
Dallas, Texas

Anna Ray Co. 

Led by Deidre Dixon, our team is experienced, meticulous in detail, obsessed with over-delivering, and satisfied by delighting our customers. You can think of us as your outside chief branding officers- always on your side, and ready to see you win! Our success is driven first and foremost by yours. 




I’m passionate about treating your business like it’s my own, which means we don’t work with just anyone. Your time is valuable, and an application will fast-track seeing if we’re a fit- cause when we are- big things happen. 

My goal is to ensure that your brand vision is seen to its fullest potential- it’s a responsibility that I don’t take lightly. By focusing on every aspect that ecompasses the customer's journey and activating sensory touch points, I bring to life immersive brands that are memorable and therefore equitable. Also, did I mention that I’m a PERFECTIONIST? I don’t mess around and have VERY high standards, meaning I get into the nitty-gritty and every detail is thought out.

Because of the level of investment our team dedicates to your brand, we typically book out projects 3-4 months in advance. With that being said, it’s best to fill out the application today so we can connect as soon as possible and both feel aligned working together. Clients who book in advance are more prepared which results in a stellar experience. The “I needed this yesterday” last-minute types, lead to rushed projects that are just not our vibe. 

Deidre Dixon

to say“Yes.”

to strategize, monetize and leverage,

to show up and serve the right people,

to launch the vision and build thedream,

book my experience