5 Elements Your Logo Needs to Attract More Clients

Over the years, the design for promotional and marketing materials have evolved time and time again, but the importance of an effective logo still stays the same. Logos make your business easily identifiable and will make your branding pop.

Most of the time, business owners like to cut corners and DIY their logos. They then find themselves in complete chaos, because the logo either doesn’t work with a black and white background or becomes a huge mess when shrunk to business card size.

In order to avoid this, it’s best to hire a professional who knows what works best for your business for a more flawless branding.

“If, in the business of communications, ‘image is king,’ the essence of this image, the logo, is the jewel in its crown,” says Paul Rand, an authority in the graphic design industry who created logos for Westinghouse, UPS, ABC, and IBM, among others.

What IS a good and effective logo? A good logo is practical and useful; it uses five standard design elements that hold the test of time.

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5 Elements Your Logo Needs to Attract More Clients


People these days consume content more than ever, and it’s a challenge to make your way through all the social chatter if you don’t have a logo design that is simple and easy to digest.

With a plain and simple logo, you will be able to send your message with just one glance, and this way, you won’t lose your audience too quickly. Like they always say, simplicity is beauty.

Take Apple for example. Their logo is as simple as simple can get, but the recall is great and people can quickly identify something as an Apple product within a glance.


The problem with DIY-ing your own logo is the issue with scalability. Most business owners tend to use non-vector based software like Photoshop or Paint to create their logo, and this isn’t really ideal. Images created using a non-vector based software means its flexibility is limited, and this can affect the quality of your graphic when resized! It is advisable to use a software like Adobe Illustrator, which is essentially created for graphic artists and web designers alike.

Creating a logo using points instead of pixels will make it easier for your logo to be scaled, ensuring that it looks good whether it’s as huge as a billboard or as small as a pen design. It should look equally beautiful on a laptop screen and on mobiles as well.


After seeing your logo, your audience should want to know more about you. A simple logo captures your audience's attention and leaves them with a lasting impression.

If you fail to catch your audience’s attention within 3 seconds, you missed the mark!

This is why I can’t stress enough the importance of simply hiring a professional to design a logo for you. They understand what works and what doesn’t.


A great logo is readable and recognizable no matter where it’s plastered on.

From business cards to your website, to your social media content, it’s always a good idea to have a logo designed that will suit every need.


If your logo does not clearly say what you do or who you are, then it’s not an effective logo.

An effective logo is relevant to your business, especially to your vision. It should represent your brand clearly and must attract and appeal to your ideal clients.

With these five elements, you will improve not only your businesses branding but your entire business overall. Just remember to stick to your branding, make it pop, and profit.

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