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Walcot is a comprehensive design studio, offering lifestyle-focused branding. We bring large agency capabilities with the personalized attention of an intimate team. Together, we craft unforgettable identities and intuitive experiences that engage ideal audiences at every touch point.


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In order to accomplish the art of building a profitable brand, we must first gain clarity. During our initial sessions, we guide you through discovering your ‘why’ behind it all, distilling what sets you apart and who your ideal clients are; setting the most authentic strategy for your brand.





Hello! I'm Deidre. The Creative Director behind Walcot Studio.

I'm a designer by accident, a trained web developer by curiosity, and a natural strategist because, well because I have to put my controlling tendencies to some good use.

I'm married to a great guy named Dallas, and while we both run our businesses from the Town’s square of our little Texas city, we both work with clients from all over the world. Our careers have afforded us extensive travel and incredible experiences all over the globe and still the freedom for impromptu lunch dates with our two precious kiddos. We both love the game of business and find gratitude in the challenge and flexibility of our work.

A few personal things, I hate pens that don't write a certain way, flat shoes and have never quite acquired adventurous taste buds. I love the energy of exploring new cities, oversized earrings, practicing hospitality and cheering on the fightin’ texas Aggies with my 3 sidekicks. More? I’m known for systematically requiring a “cheers” at the beginning of things that are worth cheers-ing for, you'll rarely find me wearing anything outside of a neutral, I’m most creative between 11p-3a, and I can wear out the same 5 songs on a Spotify playlist faster than anyone you know.

But most importantly, I’m glad you are here. I’m glad you’ve found my little corner of the internet and I would love to hear more about you. So if you feel like it, send me a little bit about yourself! - I’m sure we’ll hit it off.  

Cheers! - Deidre


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